Nassau County Robs Property Tax Protesters of Independent Review Board

Assessment Review Commission to Use Flawed County Re-Assessment Software
And Not Challenge County “Level of Assessment”


The first line of the Nassau Assessment Review Commission website reads:

“The Assessment Review Commission (ARC) is an independent agency, separate from the Nassau County Department of Assessment, which is responsible for annually reviewing all applications for correction of assessment filed in Nassau County. These corrections have resulted in substantial savings for the taxpayer.”

No More

Proof ARC is no longer independent:

  • County Purchase order for “Prognose” re-assessment software specifically states it will be used by ARC – in addition to Department of Assessment.

The Review Commission just rubber stamps the Department of Assessment valuations if it uses the same software.

  • New ARC protest filing form no longer asks for “requested level of assessment” and ARC Chairman states at meeting of homeowner representatives that ratio is .1% (what Dept. of Assessment says it is — contrary to usual practice of waiting for ratio proof/negotiation with homeowner representatives). The level of assessment can be confusing but ensuring its accuracy is critical to a fair assessment.

In other words – the Review Commission now takes its orders from the Assessor!

The public doesn’t realize that in the recent past the County Assessment Review Commission, with only a few dozen employees, has done an admirable job of fairly resolving many hundreds of thousands of homeowner protests.

But now their $2,500,000 annual budget will probably be wasted — unless taxpayers/voters demand that the Review Commission stays independent from the Dept. of Assessment as the law requires.

By Fred N. Perry, Managing Member
Fred Perry Property Tax Reduction Group LLC
contact: 631-251-7320